In 9 weeks, you could be a qualified barber.

and you'll probably have some fun on the way.

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I really enjoyed the course.

Tyron was an amazing teacher and helped me to improve my barbering skills through the 9 week course.

I fully recommend Gents of Brooklyn Academy. Best learning academy in Cardiff.


Tyron has been an amazing tutor, anything I needed he was available and eager to help! The course was enjoyable and engaging, and I learned all I needed to get cutting.

I would recommend Gents of Brooklyn Academy to anyone who wants to get cutting to a high standard quickly in a professional working environment.


I started this course with zero barbering skills, Tyron has been the best tutor, he’s always keen on helping and demonstrating to ensure my barbering skills are to a high standard.

I would 100% recommend gents of Brooklyn academy for anyone who’s looking to learn quickly to the highest standard.

Scott Current Student

Can't find a job that suits you?

We get it, the job market is competative, food needs to be on the table and the lights need to be kept on, so you end up doing a job you don't like to get the money coming in.

Sadly, this is the story for many people.

Doing a job you don't like can suck the life out of you, throwing any creativity out the window. You find yourself working for the weekend and praying for the end of the day to get out of there.

That being said

Barbering is different

We have been in the barbering industry for 25 years, with 10 years experience teaching students the art of barbering.

We love seeing people grow with the freedom and flexiability a barbering career offers them.

Barbering doesn't judge, it's open to everyone and can provide opportunities to create a life you don't need a holiday from.

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Hear from a graduate

Bryce tells us about his experience with The GB Academy

How do we help people like you

NVQ Level 2 in Barbering

Our NVQ Level 2 is the perfect starting point for someone looking to begin a career in barbering.

We have a 9 week fast track course has no entry requirment apart from a great attitute and we'll bring the rest to give you all the skills to become a qualified barber.

You will learn the all foundations of barbering from theory around different hair types and care to working on hairblocks and moving on to live models.

Our goal is to transfer all our knowledge from 25 years in the barbering indusrty and prepare you for your barbering career to The GB Standard.


We offer a range of mini-courses for those looking to sharpen up their skills or learn something new.

These courses tend to last bettween 1-2 days and include: Shaving Course, Afro Hair Course, Long Hair & Shaping and Fading.

Brand New Barbering Academy in Cardiff

In 2022, we opened a purposed built barbering academy in the heart of Cardiff.

Providing everything our trainees need to complete their learning from training equipment, space, tools and classroom.

We also like to think of it as an eniroment to socialise, share thoughts and ideas and relax between learning.

It's not just cutting hair we teach

Barbering is more than just cutting hair.

We teach our students the fundamentals of building a career in barbering.

That involves providing a great experience for your clients, promoting your work and deciding on your career path.

Barbering is flexible

Robots don't cut hair - yet.
Meaning barbering skills can be used wherever you want to be around the world.

It's social

You meet new people all day and every day is a new day.
Which we believe is much better than staring at a computer.

It's creative

Each head of hair is different and each customer wants something unique.
Using your skills to put smiles on faces never gets old.

It can be what you want

Do you want your own shop?
Become a master barber?
Anything is possible once you have the skills to achieve it.
Your earnings and lifestyle are yours to craft.

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